Chemisty Year 1

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  • Chemistry Year 1
    • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
      • Elements-This is one type of atom by itself.
      • Compounds-This is two or more types of atom that are chemically bonded.
      • Mixtures-This is a mix of atoms that are not chemically bonded.
    • Particle Theory
      • Liquids-Particles are less compacted and move around a bit.
      • Solids-Particles are all same size and compacted together.
      • Gases-Particles are not compacted at all and move around randomly.
    • Methods of Separation
      • Distilation
        • Heating the mixture so some of the substance evaporates at a lower boiling point than the another.
          • The temperature must be controlled so that only one of the liquids evaporates.
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      • Untitled
      • Fractional Distillation
        • Same as normal distillation but with many different liquids.


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