Chemistry Topic 5 - Energy Changes

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  • Topic 5 - Energy changes
    • Law of Conservation of Energy
      • Energy cannot be created or destroyed.
      • In all reactions energy is transferred to or from surroundings
    • Endothermic reaction
      • Energy is transferred from surroundings
      • Temperature decreases as thermometer is outside surroundings
      • E.g. Thermal decomposition reaction
        • Citric acid and sodium hydrgencarbonate
      • Cooling sports injury packs
      • Breaking bonds
      • Products have more energy
    • Exothermic reaction
      • Energy is transferred to surroundings
      • E.g. Combustion or Respiration
      • Temperature increases
      • Self heating cans, hand warmers
      • Making bonds
      • Reactants have more energy
    • Reactants
      • Substances involved in a chemical reaction
    • Reaction profile
      • Diagram that shows if reactants have more or less energy than products
    • Products
      • Substances formed in a chemical reacton
    • Overall energy change
      • Work out difference between energy needed to break all bonds and energy needed to form all bonds
    • During a chemical reaction:
      • Energy must be given to break bonds
      • Energy is released from products formed


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