Chemistry - Mixtures

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  • Mixture's
    • Physical process
      • Distilation
        • Like crystallization but collects evaporated solvent by condensing it back to liquid in condenser
      • Fractional distaliation
        • Like distillation but separated solvent into BP's with fractionating column
      • Chromatography
        • Exploits mixture's solubility to separate components
          • Mobile phase = solvent
          • Stationary phase = paper
            • more soluble - faster/ further moves down paper
      • Crystallization
        • Sepertates soluble component from solvent
          • Solution heated in evaporating basin to evaporate solvent
            • Heating stopped when crystallization occurs. Left at room temp. until all solvent evaporated
          • Solvent lost to surroundings
      • Filtration
        • Separates insoluble subs. from soluble
        • Isolates insoluble product + removes impurities
          • Filtered solid wasted + dried to give pure, dry sub.
    • No fixed composition
      • Weak intermolecular forces
        • Can be separated by physical process


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