ISA chemistry paper 2

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  • Chemistry ISA
    • Question 1a
      • State whether your results support the hypothesis?
        • Yes or No?
          • Yes my experiment supports my hypothesis as the higher the concentrationof hydrochloric acid I added with magnesium the faster the rate of reaction.
      • You MUST give examples
        • In my experiment I gained the results of 2,4,7,8 and 10.
    • Question 1b
      • What are the benefits of comparing with other groups?
        • By talking to other groups in my class I would be able to see whether there were any regular patterns between results, any anomalies and to see if it was reproducible so someone else could get the same results.
      • 1bii
        • Independent      variable:           just state the independent variable in your investigation (concentration of hydrochloric acid)
    • Anomalies
      • If you got any anomalies: identify them and state why it was an anomaly
      • If you didn't get one: identify your results, what was the pattern and how can you tell there was no anomalies?
    • Case Studies
      • Look at case studies 1,2 and 3
        • If one contains an anomaly, state it and where it occurs within the experiment and if it is included in the mean.
        • E.G Case study one supports the hypothesis as it investigates the correct variables with valid results. Case study has a anomaly  (state it) which is then included in the mean, this makes the result inaccurate. Case study 3 doesn't measure the drop height/m but the size of the ball that is being dropped, therefore, this is the wrong variable.


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