Chemistry- C9

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  • Hydrocarbons
    • Chemistry-C9
      • Crude oil
        • Is a finite resource found in rocks.It was formed over millions of years from the reamins of tiny, ancient sea animals and plants.
          • Over time,layer upon layer of rock was laid down on top, creating the conditions (high pessure and temperature, in the absenceof oxygen)to make cruse oil.
        • The crude oil formed is a dark, smelly liquids.It is a mixture of many different carbon compunds.
          • A mixture contains two or more elements or compunds that are not chemically combined together.
            • Nearly all of the compounds in crude oil are compounds containing only hydrogen and carbon atoms.
              • These compounds are called hydrocarbons.
      • Crude oil straight from the ground is not much useful.There are to many substances in it,all with different boiling points.
        • Before crude oil can be used,it must be separated into different substances with similar boiling points.These are knows as fraction.
          • Because the properties of substances do not change when they are mixed.The mixtures of substances in crude oil can be separated in the lab by distillation.
            • Distillation separates liquids with different boiling points.
      • Alkanes
        • Most of the hydrocarbons in crude oil are  alkanes.You describe alkanes as saturated hydrocarbons.
        • All the carbon bonds are single covalent bonds.This means that they contain as many hydrogen atoms as possible in each molecule.
          • No more hydrogen atoms can be added.
    • The carbon atoms can bond to each other to form chains and rings that form the 'skeletons' of organic molecules.
      • Organic compunds are used as fuels to run cars, to warm homes,and to generate electricity.
    • Fuels are important because they keep you warm and on the move.So when oil prices rise,it affects everyone.
      • Countries that produce crude oil can affect the whole world economy by the price they charge there oil for.


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