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  • Chemistry - C5
    • Reaction Rates
      • Rate of reaction = amount of reactant used or amount of product formed / time
      • Praticals
        • Precipitation
          • Putting solution over a cross on the paper and waiting for it to go cloudy
          • Use any 2 see through liquids
        • Change in mass
          • Measure the mass whilst the reaction is happening
          • The faster the mass drops the faster the reaction
          • Plot a graph
        • Volume of gas given off
          • Use a gas syringe
          • More gas given off, faster the reaction
          • Plot a graph
    • Collision Theory
      • Particles must collide with enough energy to react
        • Rate of reaction depends on...
          • Frequency of successful collisions, energy of collisions
      • The more successful collisions the faster the rate of reaction
      • Increasing the temperature increases rate
      • Increasing concentration increases rate
      • Smaller solid particles = more surface area
        • Means faster rate
      • A catalyst increases the rate of reaction
    • Identifying Catalysts
      • Experiment
        • Measure reaction rate of two substances and if the rate increases and the solid is unchanged it may be a catalyst
      • Enzymes
        • Biological catalysts
        • Speed up chemical reactions in living cells
        • Reactions can include...
          • Respiration
          • Photosynthsis
    • Dynamic Equilibrium
      • Reversible reactions
        • They will reach equilibrium
      • Dynamic equilibrium means the concentration of reactants and products have reached a balance and wont change
      • Three things can change the position of equilibrium
        • Temperature
        • Pressure
        • Concentration


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