Chemistry - Big Bang

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  • Big Bang
    • Explains why more distant galaxies emit greater red shift light (universe expanding)
    • Suggests universe began as small dense hot region. Matter started rapidly expanding. Planets/stars formed as gravity brings matter together. Expanding slows.
      • Evidence: Light from distant Galaxies red shifted (moving away faster then  close galaxies) - implies metter's moving away from matter (can't assume earth's in middle)
    • Universe end
      • The Big Freeze / the Big Rip
        • Expanding continues and matter keeps spreading out, resulting in stars/planets/galaxies no longer existing
        • Likely if universe density = or less then critical density
      • The Big Crunch
        • Expanding stops + gravity becomes dominant force & universe collapses
        • Likely if universe is greater than critical density
  • Dark Matter
    • Some observations of universe can't be explained - Proposed explanations = dark matter
      • Potential presence of matter - affects density + future of universe
  • Dark energy
    • Universe expanding quicker - gravity results in force between matter - scientists suggest unknown energy source that results in resultant force
  • Theories - need evidence to be commonly accepted


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