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  • Chemistry
    • Controlling chemical reactions
      • Rate of reaction
        • Collision theory
          • reactant particles must collide with each other
          • Particles must have enough energy for them to react
          • Activation energy = minimal amount of energy needed
      • Measuring rates of reaction
        • Depends on reactants and products involved
        • How easy it is to measure changes
      • Measuring mass
        • Is followed during a reaction
        • Not suitable for elements with a small relative formula mass
      • Measuring volume
        • Change in volume can be followed during a reaction
        • Useful when the gas leaves the container
    • Rates, concentration and pressure
      • If the concentration of a reacting solution or the pressure of a reacting gas is increased...
        • Reactant particles become more crowded
        • Frequency of collisions increases
        • Rate of reaction increases
    • Rates and temperature
      • If the temperature of the reaction increases...
        • Reactant particles move quicker
        • Energy of particles increases
        • Frequency of successful collisions increases
        • Proportion of successful collisions increases
        • Rate of reaction increases
    • Catalists
      • Increases rate of reaction but does not change the product
      • Only a small amount of catalyst is needed
      • Enzyme
        • Biological catalist
        • Important for controlling reactions


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