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  • chemistry
    • hydrocarbons
      • a compound made from ONLY a carbon and hydrogen element
      • combustion
        • is the rapid reaction between a substance and oxygen that releases heat and light energy
          • exothermic reaction
        • incomplete combustion
          • products = soot
        • the carbon and hydrogen are oxidised
    • alkanes and alkenes
      • alkanes are single bonded
        • saturated compound
        • a single bond is a pair of electrons
      • alkenes contain at least one double bond
        • unsaturated
    • polymers and plastics
      • polymers are chemicals made up of extremely large molecules
      • they are made by joining together many smaller molecules, called monomers
      • polymerisation
        • we can make polymers from monomers in a chemical reaction called polymerisation
          • it needs high pressure and a catalyst
        • ethane = monomers = polymers
      • polymer properties
        • polymers with no cross linking
          • allows to pass over each other - flexible
        • with cross links
          • has strong intermolecular bond - high melting points
    • cooking
      • why?
        • flavour
        • get rid of harmful bascteria
        • no food poisioning
        • easier to digest
        • texture
      • potatos
        • a raw potato has starch grains trapped inside the cells
        • when a potato is cooked
          • the cell walls break
          • this causes the potato cells lose their rigid structure


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