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  • Chemistry- Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
    • Elements
      • an element is only made up of one atom e.g. copper
      • Some elements are diatomic, which means they exist as molecules e.g. Hydrogen
    • Compound
      • a compound us made up of two or more different elements which are chemically bonded together e.g. Carbon Dioxide
    • Mixture
      • a mixture is two or more different substances that are not chemically bonded together e.g. ink
    • When iron reacts with sulfur it forms iron sulphide
      • -Pungent smell
      • -Red glow
      • -FumeHood
    • Solubility
      • soluble is a substance that will dissolve in water e.g. Salt
      • Insoluble
        • Untitled
      • Solution
        • Solvent is water.
          • Solute is water
            • Solution is water


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