Chemical Analysis Part 1

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  • Chemical Analysis Part 1
    • Purity
      • Pure Substance is a substance that only contains one compound or element throughout
      • Test the purity of a sample by measuring its  melting or boiling point and comparing it with the melting or boiling point of the pure substance (found in data books)
      • Impurities in a sample will lower the melting point and increase the melting range of your substance
      • Impurities in a sample will increase the boiling point of your substance
    • Formulations
      • Useful mixtures with a precise purpose that are made by following a formula such as paint and cleaning products.
    • Testing for Gases
      • Chlorine
        • Bleaches damp litmus paper white
        • May turn blue litmus paper red at first since a solution of chlorine is acidic
      • Oxygen
        • Put a glowing splint inside a testube contains oxygen, the oxygen will relight the glowing splint
      • Carbon Dioxide
        • Bubbling Carbon Dioxide through an aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide (limewater) causes the solution to turn cloudy
      • Hydrogen
        • Hold a burning splint at the open end of a testube containing hydrogen and you will hear a ‘squeaky pop’.


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