Chem T3 - Electrochemical cell

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  • Electrochemical cell
    • Circuit made up of anode cathode, electrolyte, power source & wires that connect 2 electrodes set up depends on if electrolyte is a solution or molten ionic compound
    • If electrolyte is a solution
      • 1.) Get 2 inert (unreactive) electrodes (e.g. graphite)
      • 2.) Clean surface of electrodes using sandpaper
      • 3.) Don't touch surface of electrodes with hands as may transfer grease
      • 4.) Place both electrodes in beaker filled with electrolyte
      • 5.) Connect electrodes to power supply with crocodile clips & wires, when power supply turned on current will flow through cell
    • If electrolyte's a molten ionic substance
      • 1.) Put solid ionic substance (will become electrolyte) in crucible
      • 2.) Heat crucible with Bunsen burner until solid's molten do this in fume cupboard to stop release toxic fumes into room
      • 3.) Once solid molten dip 2 clean inert electrodes in electrolyte
      • 4.) Connect electrodes to power supply with wires & clips current should flow through cell when power turned on
    • Can put ammeter in cell to check working correctly
    • Voltage of cell decreases as electrolysis continues & reactants get used up


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