Checking out me history

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  • Checking out me history
    • Accent, dialect- phonetocally
      • Making his point clear
      • Keeping his own identity
    • Change in structures
      • Making British history a joke
        • Linking with nursery rhymes
        • Serious tone of his own history
        • Ejambement- adds flow in his history
          • indusing thoughts, challenging it- freedom of thought
    • Accusatory tone
      • "dem tell me"
        • Repeated
      • Highlighting British ignorance
    • Voices
      • Different voices
        • Serious tone of his own history
      • Change clear by italics
      • Explaining important figures of black hitory
    • Nursery rhymes
      • Shows his history is seen as less important
      • Childish- taught from a young age
      • Sarcastic rhyme used throughout


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