Checking Out Me History

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  • Checking Out Me History
    • Form
      • narrator uses mixture of stanza firms
        • suggesting he's breaking the confining language rules he's been taught
      • Caribbean history stanzas have shorter lines
        • makes them seem more serious
      • Rhymes schemes are also different, British stanzas have lots of simple rhymes, making them seem childish
    • Structure
      • Poem alternates between historical and fictional figures from Caribbean and British culture
        • emphasises the differences between them
          • British figures are skipped over quickly with little respect
            • Caribbean figures are covered in more detail
    • Metaphor of vision and blindness
      • Narrator says his education kept his true heritage hidden from him
        • Images of light are positive because they suggest an awareness of your own identity
    • John Agard
    • Oral Poetry features
      • Use of Caribbean phonetic spellings create a sense of pride in his background
        • use of standard English in lines 46-49 emphasises that the figures from his Caribbean heritage should feature in the teaching


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