Checking Out Me History

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  • Checking Out Me History
    • Metaphor "Blind me to me own identity"
      • If he's blinded he's oblivious to his culture/ tradition/ expectations
      • Could face rejection from his own culture
      • He blames the British education system for this- as a result he's displaced or disconnected from both cultures
      • Impact on self esteem/ feelings of belonging
      • Creates racial divisions and takes away his human rights
      • He doesn't 'belong' anywhere and is diminished with regards to his status/ respect
    • Figurative Language "Fire- woman struggle hopeful stream to freedom river"
      • He changes his style of his writing when he mentions, his own culture, to highlight it
      • The words are positioned like a joyful chorus/ he becomes more expressive
      • She's strong- a fine/ determination burning inside of her she's similar to the poet/ character because people might not see this, but it doesn't affect the strength of her passion
      • The stream represents continuous hope/ flow of life/ change
      • His people have a close relationship with nature unlike the british
      • Both have struggled with identity
    • Juxtaposition "Dem tell me bout **** Whittington and he cat but Toussaint L'Ouverture no dem never tell me bout that"
      • He contrasts fictional characters (British origins) with important historical figures with his own culture to mock the ignorance upon him
      • He references **** Whittington because he has had a difficult background, but overcame it
      • We should seek to investigate our own culture and the culture of others in order to be 'whole'
      • Toussaint is placed second in the stanza to highlight the hypocrisy of the British education system/ their 'values
      • The placement is sarcastic, as if the British value fiction more than reality
    • Figurative "A healing star among the wounded a yellow sunrise"
      • His culture is free, creative whereas British culture is formal and restrictive
      • She's a star- she's special, associated with hope and light. Her 'power' is natural and beneficial for others
      • Sunrise- she has a bright, comforting disposition- people are drawn to her
      • 'Yellow'- it's natural, not embellished like British history
      • His culture represents rebirth


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