Coronary Heart Disease - Disease of affluence

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  • CHD - Disease of affluence
    • Risk factors
      • High cholesterol
      • Tobacco use
      • Alcohol use
      • high blood pressure
      • Obesity
    • Economic impacts
      • Time off work
        • cost to individual
        • cost to employer
        • Loss of productivity to country
      • US$24 billion healthcare costs in 1996
      • Health problems related to obesity cost US$ 117 billion a year
    • Impacts on health
      • Swelling of the feet,ankles and abdomen
      • shortness of breath
      • depressed/ anxious
      • psychological effects of having a heart attack/nearly dying
      • Side effects of medictaion
      • Fatigue with short excerise
      • Pain in chest, shoulders or neck
    • Lifestyle
      • Changes need to be made
        • regular physical activity
        • Taking prescribed medicine on a daily basis
        • Following a health eating plan
        • Not smoking
        • Not drinking too much alcohol
      • Regular visits to the doctor
        • May need time off work
      • Health education
        • Promote healthy living and eating at schools
        • Encouraging the public in physical excersise.
        • Medical activities such as blood pressure testing
      • Policies and legislation
        • Reduce tobacco smoking
          • increase the price
          • advertising banned
          • smoking free areas
          • Health warnings on packets.


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