Brideshead Revisited - Charles's Passion and Art!

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  • Charles's passion towards art.
    • "I found my room full of flowers; what looked like, and, in fact, was, the entire day's stock of a market-stall stood in every conceivable vessel in every part of the room."
      • Look at the objects which Sebastian uses – flowers. He is always associated with nature and beauty
    • "What was wrong? Nothing except the golden daffodils seemed to be real. Was it the screen? I turned it face to the wall. That was better."
      • Charles starts developing his artistic taste as soon as he starts hanging out with Sebastian.
    • "Of course, you are right really," he said. "You take art as a means not as an end. That is strict theology, but it's unusual to find an agnostic believing it."
      • AHA! Here’s our big hint to a very important point in Brideshead Revisited: aesthetics are Charles’s religion.
    • "You see Charles lives for one thing – Beauty. I think he got bored with finding it ready-made in England; he had to go and create it for himself."
      • And now that he’s tired of finding it in South America, he’s made the very beautiful Julia his next conquest.


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