Charles I The Communeros Revolt 1520-1

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  • Charles I The Communros Revolt 1520-1
    • Started in Toledo+ Segovia.
      • Spread to other Spanish cities
      • NO CLEAR AIM
    • Causes
      • Charles seen as foreigner
      • Greed of Burgundians- taking wealth out of Spain
      • Long-standing concerns over freedoms being lost
      • Fear Charles would leave
    • Junta de Tordesillas 1520 petitioned:
      • Charles lived in Spain
      • No foreigners in royal household
      • To follow the customs of F+I
      • Corrigdores only appointed when requested
    • Juan de Padilla
      • Setup Gov. in name of the King (did not set out to overthrow him)
    • Compromise made
      • Collections of Servicio voted by Cortes of Santiago
      • No foreigners appointed to office in Castile
      • 2 Most important Grandees (Admiral+ Constable of Castile) joined Adrian of Utrecht as Regent
    • Reasons for failure
      • Attempt to gain support from Queen Juana but no commitment made on paper
      • Nobles took action 1521 and defeated Communeros at Battle of Villiar
      • Radicalisation of revolt- attacks on poverty, demands for economic+ social reforms


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