Charles I of Finance (Income)

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  • Charles I: Finance Income 1516-1556
    • Individual parts of the Empire self-sufficient + provide for general needs
    • Borrowing from other countries Eg. Netherlands most powerful economic unit
      • Heavy taxation led to weakened relations,  revolts and conspiracies.
      • 1539 Threatened to have an unprising
      • Eg. Fuggers Most powerful family in control of banks in HRE
    • Servicio Tax (regular)
      • Grants voted by  the Cortes
      • After sisa tax failed (tax on food) borrowed from Fuggers + sold spanish crown lands
    • Castile and Aragon
      • Alcabala tax put onto all goods
      • Castile (major contributer)
      • Aragon gave little revenue
    • Church
      • Gifts
      • Military orders
      • Proportion of all church income
      • Cruzada


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