Charles Government

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  • Charles Government
    • Regents
      • Governed Spain in Charles' absence
      • Isabella 1529-39
      • Phillip 1543 onwards
    • Secretaries
      • Los Cobos (more important in Castile than Aragon)
      • Cobos= threat, wealthy and knew many of Kings affairs
      • Charles left Phillip to deal with him
      • Responsible for preparing agenda's for council meetings
      • Decided whether affairs should go to Charles or a council
    • Cortes
      • Powerful nobles and more letrados
      • Castile Valencia Aragon Catalonia
      • Helped meet increasing admin. demands+ advised Charles
    • Administrative
      • The Royal Council of Castile
        • Dealt with internal affairs
        • Acted as a court of law, hearing appeals of lower courts
        • Advised Charles on matters, mainly relations with Portugal
      • Conciliar system more successful as powerful representatives of nobility + more Letrados
      • Council of: Aragon  Indies  Finance  Supreme  General Inquisition
    • Advisory
      • Kept Conciliar system
      • Council of State 1526
        • Advises Charles on important gov. matters
        • Dealt with decisions of other countries
      • Council of War 1522
        • Co-ordinated all military matters concerning the Crown


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