Charles' Aims and Problems in 1625

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  • Charles' aims and problems in 1625
    • Aims
      • Strong belief in Divine Right of Kings, so he wanted to rule unopposed
      • To beautify the Church, in contrast with the Puritans' drab approach
      • To support the power of Bishops
      • To restore his sister and Frederick in the Palatine
      • To make war on Spain
      • To keep Buckingham as his top advisor
      • Henrietta Maria of France
    • Problems over restoring the Palatine
      • By 1625, Palatine had been fully conquered by the Hapsburgs, and Frederick and Elizabeth were hiding in Prague under Dutch protection
      • James had seen that, even with Dutch aid, it would very unlikely they could make an impact of the landlocked country
    • Problems over War with Spain
      • James and Parliament had disagreed on how a war with Spain should go
        • (Parliament wanted a naval war, while James thought they would not actually financially support it)
      • While Charles wanted a war with Spain, Parliament was prepared to be critical
    • Problems over Buckingham
      • Blamed for the Mansfield expedition
      • Abused his power to influence the King and court
        • Even encouraged the King to be cold to Maria as she threatened his position
    • Problems over the marriage with HM
      • Treaty with France included concession over penal laws, and a promise to fight the French Huguenots (protestant rebels)
      • Henrietta Maria spoke little English, and brought over a group of Catholic advisors


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