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  • Charging
    • Batteries have chemicals to produce energy
    • Smoothing capacitor-supplies current to the output
      • Changes near the peak value of the varying DC
    • Positive terminal connected to n-type- no current passes, gap widens
      • Vice versa for p-type semi conductor
    • The space either side of the junction has no electrons or holes
    • N-type and p-type semi conductor
      • Excess of electrons (n-type)
      • Shortage of electrons (holes) (p-type)
    • An AC supply to a single diode produces a half wave rectified output
      • A resistor always used to protect the diode in series
    • Four diodes-bridge circuit
      • Capacitor-makes the output smoother
    • Capacitor connected to the DC power supply becomes charged
      • Stores electrical energy connected to a resistor
        • Voltage decreases and capacitor discharges
        • Voltage increases until it is equal with the supply voltage


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