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  • charge of the light brigade key quotes...
    • "cannon to the right of them, cannon to the left of them, cannon in front of them"
      • theme: isolation - It makes the feeling of being surrounded much more intense. It’s almost as if the reader is right there, turning your head right, left, and forward, and seeing cannons everywhere.
      • These lines are also used to suggest the futility and suicidal nature of the attack.
      • Tennyson also uses these lines to draw the reader even deeper into the story he is crafting, giving striking visuals to readers.
      • repetition- They are also called back to later in the poem, when the cannons are now behind them.
      • example of syntax parallelism
    • "into the valley of death, rode the six hundred"
      • He repeats these same two lines from Verse 1, however this time they have a much more chilling connotation behind them.
        • in Verse 2 we find out that the soldiers know they are charging to their death, and they do it anyway.
          • Because that is their duty. It is their job to listen to their commanders and, unfortunately, die for their country.
      • By repeating the last two lines it shows the grim resolve that the soldiers had knowing that they will die because of a mistake but being at peace knowing they fulfilled their duty.
      • The repetition of lines is a device known as anaphora. The effect is to give emphasis and hypnotic rhythm.
      • The line recalls the 23rd Palm “Though I walk trough the Valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”. But here there is much to fear, there is no hope of survival.
        • The men know they are being sacrificed at the ‘Mouth of hell’.
    • good to compare it to kamikaze and explore how they both has suicide missions and explore the difference in attitudes from the friends and family
      • in kamikaze, th epilot is out casted.
        • the pilot was more concerned about leaving his family behind than dying for his country, he didn't want to hurt yet they still acted like he had dies. they outcast ed him
      • in charge of the light brigade the soldiers are treated as heroes of their country and are respected for fulfilling their missions
        • there is a massive sense of patriotism. the soldiers knew their duty was for their country


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