Of Mice and Men characters.

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    • GEORGE
      • Small man
      • Quick wit
      • Brains
      • Good friend to Lennie
      • Looks after all Lennie's affairs such as carrying his work card and tries to steer him out of trouble.
      • He shares a dream with Lennie to own a piece of land and is prepared to work hard to build up the money to buy it.
      • He is honest with people he trusts.
    • LENNIE
      • Big man.
      • Limited intelligence.
      • Relies of George to look after him.
      • Copies George and trusts him completely.
      • Shares a dream with George to own a piece of land.
      • Likes to pet soft things.
      • Can be forgetful.
      • Gentle and kind.
      • Strong
      • Often described as an animal or child.
    • SLIM
      • Jerkline skinner
      • Natural leader.
      • Quiet dignity - doesn't need to assert himself to have authority.
      • Understands the relationship between George and Lennie.
      • Mysterious quality about him.
    • CURLEY
      • Boss's son.
      • Little - so hates big guys.
      • Prize-fighter and looks for opportunities  to fight.
      • Newly-married and possessive over his wife.
      • Still visits brothels.
      • There is a rumour that he wears a glove filled with vaseline to keep it soft for his wife.
      • Newly-married to Curley.
      • Young, pretty, wears attractive clothes and curls her hair.
      • Lonely
      • Doesn't like Curley.
      • Naive.
    • CROOKS
      • Black stable buck.
      • Only permenent employee.
      • Only black man and is isolated.
      • Always called the '******' by the men which shows how racism was taken for granted.
      • Proud and aloof.
      • Lonely.
      • Concerned about his rights.


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