Mindmap- Key Scene

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  • Characters
    • Luo
      • Taking another risk- being more audacious, bold, brave, courageous.
      • Likewise to other scenes in the novel like when the headman inspected the narrator's violin.
    • Village Headman
      • Role reversal; although normally demanding, dictator, superior but in this scene he is the victim suffering. (very ironic)
      • In lots of pain and mercy, helpless, powerless and humiliated.
      • Made use of of the middle class skills that he despised in the start.
      • Lack of knowledge from the outside world.
    • Narrator
      • This scene is a turning point.
        • He has been reeducated but not the way in which Mao wanted to.
          • He became more callous and ruthless as he decided to punish the headman for revenge.
      • The headman was going to report him is they haven't decided to fix his tooth.
    • Tailor
      • Present in the scene for payback as he visited the village.
      • Boys used his sewing machine to drill the headman's tooth.


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