WOW Characters

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  • Characters
    • Narrator's Family
      • Narrator
        • Narrative Device: Catalyst of the story and used to convey the story
          • Behaves in non-human ways: Book 1.5, he "was a battleground of fear and curiosity"
        • He is a scientist/ academic so is educated to narrate the Martians Invasion
          • He was "busy upon a series of papers discussing the probable developments of moral ideas as civilisation progressed"
          • Makes him reliable
          • Condescending: "Few people realize" and "People in these latter times scarcely realize"
            • Kind to the Reader: I scarcely need to remind the reader"
            • "I was a battleground of fear and curiosity"
        • Attractive
          • Alpha Male: Curate follows him, risks his life to return the Landlord's dogcart
      • Narrator's Wife
      • Narrator's Brother
        • Simmilar to his brother
          • Doesn't panic when the Martians invade but is instead overcome with "fascination"
          • Nstural born leader. Very assertive
            • He rescueas and takes control of Mrs and Miss Elphinstone much like the narrator with the Curate
          • Compassionand and heroic
            • Untitled




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