Characteristics of a MADRIGAL PROPER

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  • Characteristics of a MADRIGAL PROPER
    • composed for 3 to 6 unaccompanied voices each with an interesting melodic line to sing.
      • through-composed with little or no repetition and new music provided for each stanza or line of text.
        • texture was often one of imitative counterpoint, with all the voices being equally important and only coming together to reinforce a well defined close in the structure of the text, otherwise the sections skilfully dovetailed into each other.
        • the more elaborate madrigals were divided into 2 or 3 main sections punctuated by a few bars of homophonic texture.
        • it was common practice to repeat the final section of a madrigal and to interchange the voice parts of equal compass and range.
        • words and music were closely matched with opportunities for word painting and vivid musical illustration of the text.


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