Characteristics of Users

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  • Characteristics of users
    • Experience
      • People's exposure to ICT will vary. When new systems are introduced training is probably going to be needed, or some sort of manual or help file etc. Systems need to be designed to take this into account i.e. online help
    • Age
      • People of all ages use ICT systems (need to know ages of target users). Systems for small children will be different to those for older people.
    • Physical
      • People with physical impairments need to use ICT systems e.g. sensory, visual, auditory impairments or physical disabilities.
    • Task
      • E.g. if lots of text needs to be entered then appropriate data entry method is needed (automatic methods e.g. OMR, OCR)
    • Environment
      • ICT systems can be used in lots of places e.g. home, work, train, plane etc. A system for an office will be different to one for use on the go e.g. noise, screen size etc.


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