Biology 1.1 Characteristics of living organisms

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  • Characteristics of living organisms RINGER
    • Reproduction
      • Process that makes new individuals, making more of the same kind of organism from the parents depending on genetic information.
        • An organism can split into two
        • Complex process involving fertilisation
        • Plants
          • birds, wind or insects carry pollen from one flower to another.
    • Excretion
      • removal of waste and toxic materials and products from the metabolism and substances in excess
        • If we breathe into limewater it will become milky this means there is more Co2 in the air we breathe out
          • Co2 waste will poison and kill us.
    • Growth
      • organism that changes in size and form
        • plants do not stop increasing in size unlike animals
        • Permanent increase in size and dry mass due to increase in cell size and number
    • Complex Organisation
      • of a living thing differentiates it from a non living thing
    • Variation
      • offspring different to one another so that they can adapt to the environment and evolution
    • Respiration
      • chemical reaction releasing energy for metabolism by breaking down nutrient molecules in cells
        • Gaseous exchange
          • Glucose + Oxygen = energy + Co2  + H2o
          • Oxygen supplied by the environment
      • Chemical test for Co2
        • food + oxygen = energy + Co2 + H2o
          • limewater becoming milky then clear
    • Irritability
    • Nutrition
      • Taking in materials for energy growth and development
        • Animals
          • organic compounds and ions and ready made food is eaten
        • Plants
          • photo synthesis
            • sunlight, ions, CO2 H2o to make glucose
      • solution of ions and molecules within which living tissue is kept in order to maintain living cells
    • Must perform all the 7 life processes to be considered alive and then dead
    • Dependency
      • Energy
        • organisation in living things and ability to carry out life processes dependant on a supply of energy
          • Each process is dependant on expenditure of energy
            • energy from food molecules trapped in usable form
            • molecules organised into structures of living organisms
            • how energy is used to drive their  life processes
      • each characteristic is linked to each other
        • organisms can grow if are nourished (nutrition)
          • waste products need to be excreted
            • to respond to environment must organise cells and tissues to carry out actions
          • random nature of reproduction likely to show variation from generation to generation
  • Irritability
  • Animals
    • organic compounds and ions and ready made food is eaten


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