Characteristics of Baroque solo concerto

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  • Characteristics of Baroque solo concerto
    • melody
      • Had trills to indicate cadence points
      • Terraced dynamics used
      • May have a high or low range depending on the instument
      • Repetition
      • Sequence
      • even phrases
    • Harmony
      • Use of suspension chords at cadences
      • perfect cadences throughout the piece
      • Functional harmony (the use of chords 1, 4 and 5.)
      • consonant
      • diatonic
    • Tempo, rhythm and metre
      • Some syncopation
      • even pulse
      • The 1st and 3rd have a fast tempo
      • rhythmic diminution
    • Texture
      • polyphony
      • Homophony/melody dominated homophony
    • Tonality
      • Piece would often modulate to the relative major, minor and the dominant.
    • Structure
      • In a Baroque solo Concerto there are 3 sections.
        • The 1st and 3rd have a fast tempo
        • The second is slow in tempo
        • There is the ritenello form, where there is melodic motfi or theme that reoccurs
      • Sonority and timbre
        • basso continuo is played by the harpsichord or the cello
        • There was more idiomatic writing for the violin
          • Terraced dynamics used


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