Criminal Psychology

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  • characteristics of addictive behaviour
    • addictive behaviour
      • general issues when researching addictive behaviours
        • self report- social desirability bias. their recollection of behaviour may not be accurate.
        • issues of validity - lack of control over extraneous variables
        • sampling- representative sample. many researchers use samples taken from treatment centres it may be that these share similar characteristics
    • salience - when addiction becomes the most important thing in their life.
    • withdrawal symptoms- 1) physical-e.g. sweating, shaking, headache, nausea psychological - mood changes.
    • tolerance- individuals need more drugs to feel the same effects. chemical addiction but can also be applied to gambling.
    • conflict - the family - want the addict to quit but they cant .also conflict with themselves.
    • mood modification - mood changes.
    • relapse - addicts have a strong tendency to return to the addictive behaviour


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