EL Othello Major Characters Quotation

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  • Character Quotations
    • Othello
      • 'My parts, my title and my perfect soul shall manifest me rightly' (1.2 to Iago)
        • Othello defends his character. He feels that he is a worthy husband for Desdemona
        • Othello's downfall could be caused by his hubris - pride is a sin
        • Othello's descriptions of himself in his final speech contrast to these positive descriptions
          • He compares himself with a 'base Indian' and a 'circumcised dog'
    • Desdemona
      • 'By heaven, you do me wrong' (4.2 to Othello)
        • She defends her honour throughout
        • She is brave and assertive, even when Othello attacks her verbally and physically
          • Othello calls her a 'whore' and a 'strumpet'
        • The reference to heaven reinforces Desdemona's honesty and morality
        • An example of irony and foreshadowing - Othello refers to heaven just before he kills Dedemona
    • Iago
      • 'our of her (Desdemona) own goodness (he will) make the net that shall enmesh them all' (2.3 soliloquy)
        • Highlights his Machiavellian ruthlessness
        • Trap imagery emphasises the innocence of his prey (Desdemona)
        • Iago has contempt for innocence and goodness - he is intrinsically evil
    • Cassio
      • 'O, I have lost my reputation, I have lost the immortal part of myself - and what remains is bestial' (2.3 to Iago)
        • The loss of his immortal part foreshadows his vulnerability to Iago's stabbing in 5.1
        • Overwhelming sense of shame
        • Cassio's obsession with his reputation mirrors Othello's obsession
        • Cassio's sorrow lover losing his profession foreshadows Othello's misery when he thinks he has lost Desdemona's love
        • Reference to 'bestial' foreshadows Othello's downfall - Othello will become 'bestial' himself when he avenges his masculine honour


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