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    • Act 4 Scene 1
      • "Rotten orange" and asks her father to "take her back"
        • Her honour has been stripped but she responds with conjuring a plan in collaboration with the Friar
    • Act 5 Scene 3
      • "and when I liv'd I was your other wife; and when you lov'd you were my husband"
        • Emphasise the second "I" and slowly remove my mask, shock Claudio, wide stance to signify authority
      • "One Hero defil'd but I do live... I am a maid"
        • Move closer to Claudio, ready for conflict, strong woman
        • "I am a maid" break 4th wall, emphasise "am", pride
        • Subtext "the old Hero is dead but I'm here now better than ever"
          • Significance of the name Hero, she's a Hero of her own story, stronger than those would believe
    • Act 3 Scene 4
      • Caring with Beatrice
        • "How now! Do you speak in the sick tune?"
          • Run towards her and hold her hand and stare lovingly
    • Complexity of her character
      • Virtuous nature and cunning abilities
    • Context
      • Remains chaste and virtuous, supposed to be submissive and subdued
      • Described as "everybody's Hero" more than what society labels her


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