Jane Eyre Novel

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  • Jane Eyre novel
    • Jane's search for true love and happiness forms the story of the novel
    • Jane is first seen as an orphan living with the Reed family she is very unhappy and treated badly by her aunt and cousins
    • Jane is sent to Lowood School at the age of 10 when she is there she meets Helen Burns and the teacher Maria Temple who she both admires
    • Jane leaves Lowood after 8 year 6 as a student and 2 as a teacher to become a governess at Thornfield where she meets and falls in love with Mr Rochester
    • Jane accepts Mr Rochesters proposal in marriage but leaves when she is enlightened that he is already married
    • she finds the house of the Rivers family and settles in and becomes a teacher at a local school. She rejects St. John's marriage proposal and life as a missionary
    • she becomes delighted to find out that the Rivers are long lost cousins and that she is also and heiress. Rivers proposes again she nearly accepts but then returns to Thornfield
    • she then discovers that Rochester is living alone at Thornfield after Bertha has destroyed the manor and she had died. Jane and Mr Rochester then go on to marry


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