LOTF Chapter 1 Analysis

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  • Chapter Analysis - Chapter One: The Sound of the Shell
    • establishes setting of the island and key themes
    • importance of the conch is established and it becomes a symbol of authority and order
      • Ralph describes it as 'a worthy plaything'
      • Piggy calls it 'ever so valuable'
    • bad weather and repeated references to 'the heat' foreshadow Simon's murder
    • 'great rock' compared to the 'enraged monster' foreshadows the boy's descent into savagery and is reminiscent of the boulder that kills Piggy
    • first hunt reflects the boy's innocence but 'Next time there will be no mercy!' foreshadows their later violent behaviour when they brutally murder the sow
      • Jack is determined to prove himself capable of slaughter which begins his obsession with hunting that later breaks the group apart
    • introduces us to main characters- Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon and Roger- and their different personalities
      • Choir boys described as 'something dark' and 'a black bat-like creature'  which hints at the evil side to them
      • Piggy knows what the conch shell is which suggests that he is intelligent although he uses non-standard grammar
      • Ralph is presented as being privileged and well educated (standard grammar unlike Piggy)
      • Ralph is described as having a 'golden body' which suggests he is slim and angelic unlike Piggy who is fat
      • Piggy and Ralph are contrasted with each other which foreshadows conflict between them
    • boys are excited at the concept of there being no grown-ups which makes the chapter optimistic
    • stick to the rules they already know
    • Piggy mentions an 'atom bomb' and says that the adults are 'all dead' which reflects that the outside world is war-torn and violent


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