Character Analysis: The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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  • Character analysis
    • Dr Henry Jekyll
      • Respected doctor
      • Friend of Dr Lanyon and Mr Utterson
      • Prosperous man
      • Well established within the community
      • Known for his decency and charitable works
      • Since he was young he had always secretly engaged with his bad side
      • Does experiments to try and separate his good side and evil side
    • Mr Edward Hyde
      • Strange and repugnant man
      • Cruel and violent
      • Ugly and deformed
      • Not a creature who belongs to the rational world
      • Jekyll's dark side
      • Loosed into the world with a mysterious potion
    • Mr Gabriel John Utterson
      • Lawyer
      • Well respected within the community
      • Reserved, dignified and lacking imagination
      • A very victorian person
    • Dr Hastie Lanyon
      • Doctor
      • Had a quarrel with Jekyll over science
      • An embodiment of rationalism, materialism and skepticism
      • Serves as a foil
        • a  character whose attitudes or emotions contrast with another character
      • His death represents the more general victory of supernaturalism over materialism
    • Mr Poole
      • Jekyll's butler
      • Loyal to Jekyll
      • Concern for his master causes him to seek for Utterson's help
    • Mr Enfield
      • Friend of Mr Utterson
      • Reserved, formal and scornful of gossip
    • Mr Guest
      • Clerk and confidant of Utterson
      • Expert in handwriting
    • Sir Danvers Carew
      • Old nobleman
      • MP
      • Client of Utterson


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