Animal Farm - Chapter analysis - Chapter 6

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  • Chapter 6
    • The pigs all start changing the rules.
      • Napoleon introduces work on sunday afternoons.
        • The work is compusory but he says it is voluntary. Those who refuse will have their rations reduced by half.
      • Napoleon decided to work with Mr Whymper. A social solicitor.
        • There are rumours of a deal wth Mr pilkington and Frederick.
        • Napoleon breaks Old Majors rues by allowing other humans bak on the farm. apitalism is back.
          • There are rumours of a deal wth Mr pilkington and Frederick.
      • The pigs move into the farmhouse and sleep in the beds.
        • They start to change and become more like man.
      • They start changing the wording of the commandments.
        • "No animal shoud sleep in a bed" to "...with sheets".
          • Animalism has been corrupted.
      • The pigs decide they need more sleep so they get up 1 hour later.
        • The other animals just accept this.
          • The pigs are lazy and it contrasts Boxers endless effort.
    • Squealer incresses fear on the farm.
      • When the pigs move into the farmhouse, Sqeealer says it was never against the rules.
        • The animals must have "Imagined" it.
      • He threatens them with Jones' return if they dont pull their weight and if the pigs don't get enough rest/sleep.
        • The animals are persuaded that times now are better than they were before when Mr Jones was in charge.


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