Chapter 2, Fire on the Mountain

mind map exploring summary of chapter two, why the chapter is important, the fire and piggy and the differences btween Ralph and jack

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  • Chapter 2, Fire on the Mountain
    • Summary
      • Ralph, Jack and Simon return from their "exploration' and confirm that is is an island.
      • Ralph declares that the conch will determine who has the right to speak.
      • A small boy claims he saw a 'beastie'
      • Ralph suggests that they start a signal fire on top of the mountain in order to be rescued
      • Jack offers his hunters to keep the fire going
      • Piggy's glasses are used, against his will, to light the fire.
      • Piggy 'rants' at the group of boys about acting proper and listening properly
      • They discover that the fire has spread to the 'unfriendly side of the mountain' and the little boys who complained about the beastie is missing.
    • Why this chapter is important
      • Establishes the idea of a beast
      • Ralph and Jack's opposing priorities are made clear
      • Introduces the idea of fire as a method of being rescued
      • The first death occurs- foreshadows later tragedies
    • The fire and Piggy
      • The fire has two purposes, rescue and fun.
      • the atmosphere changes when the fire alters from fun to fatal
      • irony is clear as piggy cannot see without glasses yet demonstrates clear perception and foresight.
    • Ralph and Jack differences
      • Jack displays cruelty and stresses the logical need for his hunters and meat.
      • Ralph explores more pressing matters such as being rescued and surviving until they are.


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