Chapter 9

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  • Chapter 9
    • What does Hardy reveal about the relationship between Alec and Tess in this chapter
      • Alec
      • Tess
      • 'It was Alec d'Urberville,
      • 'whom she had not set eyes on'
      • since he had conducted her the day before to the door of the garderners cottage where she had lodgings'
      • 'there was never before such a beautiful thing in Nature or Art as you look'
      • '["Cousin" had a faint ring of mockery]'
      • 'I may be cross, but I didn't swear'
      • 'Oh no you won't' said Tess, withdrawing towards the door'
      • 'I'll give you a lesson or two'
      • 'I have been watching you over the wall'
      • 'and pouting that pretty red mouth'
      • 'Nonsense; I don't want to touch you'
      • 'The momentary pleasure of success got the better of her; her eyes enlarged, and she involuntarily smiled in his face'
      • 'Her first day's experiences were fairly typical of those which followed through many succeeding days'
      • 'removed much of her shyness of him'
      • 'without, however, implanting any feeling which could engender shyness of a new and tenderer kind'
      • 'But she was more pliable under his hands than a mere companionship would have made her'
    • Tess at the Slopes


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