Chapter 8

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  • Chapter 8
    • Hardy devotes the entire chapter to an account of the journey to Tantridge
    • How is the account of the journey used to characterise
      • Alec
        • sexual and violent
        • 'Tib has killed one chap'
        • 'Why, I always go down at full gallop'
        • 'Hold on to my waist'
        • wants to kiss her
        • blackmailing her
      • Tess
        • finds herself in danger
        • forced to hold on to him
        • 'she grasped his waist and so they reached the bottom'
        • At his mercy on a horse
        • intelligent
        • 'You artful hussy!'
        • has a temper and passionate spirit
        • 'You ought to be ashamed of yourself for using such wicked words' cried Tess with Spirit'
        • 'D'Urberville's bad temper cleared up at the sight of hers'
    • set the tone of their relationship
      • Setting is changing
        • 'behind. the green valley of her birth, before, a grey country of which she knew nothing except her brief visit to Tantridge'


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