Chapter 6

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  • Chapter 6
    • Rose and thorn
      • 'looking downwards a thorn of the rose remaining in her breast accidentally pricked her chin'
      • 'Tess was steeped in fancies of prefigurative superstitions'
      • 'Like all the cottagers in Blackmoor Vale'
      • 'she thought this an ill omen'
      • 'the first she had noticed that day'
    • Ready to Return to Tantridge
    • Tess tells her mother something is wrong
      • 'I don't know that I am apt at tending fowls'
      • 'I don't altogether think I ought to go'
      • 'I would rather stay here with father and you'
      • 'I'd rather not tell you why, mother'
      • 'indeed, I don't quite know why'


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