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  • Federalism
    • Division of Powers
      • Federalism requires 2 levels of co-operative gov, separation of functions, constitution, national courts resolve disputes,
        • TYPES OF GOV
          • Unitary: Authority in central gov
          • Federation: Authority divided between central and state gov
          • Confederation: Authority in the states
    • Federalism & The Constitution
      • Article 1: enumerated powers to national gov. ALSO:
        • ELASTIC CLAUSE (P&N) = All laws which are necc and proper or carrying out constitutional responsibility.
        • COMMERCE CLAUSE = empowers fed gov to regulate interstate economic transaction
        • FULL FAITH & CREDIT CLAUSE = states accept court decision
        • PRIVILEGES & IMMUNITY CLAUSE = States prohibited from discriminating against out of staters.
    • Types of Federalism in the US
      • DUAL
        • Separation of national and state gov known as layer-cake federalism  is a political arrangement in which state governments exercising those powers accorded to them without interference
        • marble-cakefederalism, is a concept of federalism in which national, state, and local governments interact cooperatively and collectively to solve common problems
      • NEW
        • National gov intrudes on state powers,
    • Intergov Relationships
      • Grants: National gov use them to influence state action, strings attached, (categorical and block)
      • Unfunded mandates: federal laws enforced on state gov. (E.G CLEAN AIR ACT)
    • Competitive Federalism
      • Contending issues of marriage, immigration  for fed and state.
      • MADD: drivers age to 21
    • ADV & DIS
      • Promotes policy innovation, diversity, checks and balances, states address needs of their citizens.
      • Economic, difficulty to take action


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