Chapter 3

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  • Should the UK have a codified constitution?
    • NO
      • Pragmatic adaptation has worked well and is preferable.
      • There is no agreed process for establishing a codified constitution.
      • There is no elite consensus on what a codified constitution should include.
      • It would be difficult and rigid to amend.
      • It would give judges, who are unaccountablegreater political power.
      • There is no popular demand and other issues are more important.
    • YES
      • It is the logical conclusion of recent constitutional reforms.
      • It would provide greater clarity on what is constitutional.
      • It would be an authoritative reference point for the courts.
      • It would set limits on the power of the state and its institutions.
      • It would provide greater protection for the rights of citizens.
      • It would better inform citizens about the values and workings of the political system.


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