Chapter 3

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  • Chapter 3
    • Durbeyfield household
      • 'to which movement a feminine voice kept time by singing, in  a vigorous gallopade, the favourite ditty of 'The Spotted Cow''
      • 'There stood her mother amid the group of children'
      • 'The cradle-rockers had done hard duty for so many years under the weight of so many children'
    • Tess's relationship with her mother
      • Mrs Durbeyfield habitually spoke the dialect;
        • her daughter, who had passed the Sixth Standard in the National School under a London-trained mistress
          • spoke two languages: the dialect at home, more or less; ordinary English abroad and to persons of quality
    • 'If the heads of the Durbyfield household chose to sail into difficulty, disaster, starvation, disease, degradation, death'
      • 'thither were these half-dozen little captives under hatches compelled to sail with them'
        • 'six helpless little creatures, who had never been asked if they wished for life on any terms'
          • 'much less if they wished for it on such hard conditions as were involved in being of the shiftless house of Durbeyfield'
      • 'this lent her a deputy-maternal attitude when she was alone with her juniors'


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