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  • Chapter 12, Cry of the Hunters
    • Importance
      • Irony is used. Instead of the signal fire, it is Jacks wildfire which saves them.
      • Officer says it was like the coral island. Another book about stranded boys.
      • Ralph meets the lord of the flies, striking the sow.
      • Ralph Is Hunted like an animal, demonstrating the savagery they have inhibited.
      • Percival fails to recall his own name to the officer, implying the loss of civilisation.
    • Summary
      • Ralph is completely alone now.
      • He just lies there, hidden in the underbrush.
      • Ralph calls Sam n Eric from the edge, they reveal Jacks plan to hunt him tomorrow.
      • When Ralph wakes up, he realises the boys are rolling boulders into the thicket and are starting to smoke it out.
      • After worming away, Ralph encounters another savage, stabbing him.
      • After establishing a new hiding spot, the savages find him and chase him through the forest, throwing there spears.
      • Ralph meets the beach and thinks it’s over him. Before running into the naval officer.
      • Officer questions them before the boys become emotional.


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