Chapter 11

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  • Chapter 11
    • Consider choice of time and season and use of natural elements
      • moonlight on figures
        • 'it seemed to hold the moonlight in suspension, rendering it more pervasive than in clear air'
      • 'Twas very warm when I started'
      • 'Nights grow chilly in September'
    • References to Tess's "mailed ancestors" and comment Hardy makes on idea
      • 'Doubtless some of Tess D'Urberville's mailed ancestors rollicking home from a fray had dealt the same measure even more ruthlessly towards peasant girls of their time'
    • Collect examples of imagery accumulating which works on visual, oral and tactile levels
      • 'passed the point at which the lane to Tantridge branched from the highway, and her conductor had not taken the Tantridge track'
      • 'He settled the matter by clasping his arm around her as he desired'
      • 'she drew a quick pettish breath of objection'
    • Does description make use of pathetic fallacy
      • 'till a faint luminous fog...became general and enveloped them'
      • 'owing to this fog, which so disguises everything, I don't quite know where we are myself'
    • How does he add suspense by controlling pace and sound effects
      • 'Her seat was precarious enough despite her tight hold of him'
      • 'Thus they sidled slowly onward till it struck her they had been advancing for an unconscionable time'


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