Chapter 10

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  • Chapter 10
    • Plot
      • 'The chief pleasure of these philosophers lay in going every Saturday night, when work was done, to Chaseborough'
        • 'She did not discover the coincidence of the market with the fair till she had reached the place, by which time it was close upon dusk'
          • 'some of the party were in the mind of starting. But others would not and another dance was formed. This surely would end it, thought Tess. But it merged into another '
            • 'Suddenly there was a dull thump on the ground: a couple had fallen, and lay in a mixed heap'
              • 'The Tantridge people began to collect themselves from amid those from other farms and prepared to leave in a body'
                • 'By this time there had arisen a shout of laughter at the extra-ordinary appearance of Car's back'
                  • 'they were all now inside the field, and she was edging back to rush off alone when a horseman emerged'
                    • 'Out of the frying-pan and into the fire!'
    • Characters
      • Alec d'Urberville
        • 'her eyes fell upon Mr d'Urberville'
      • Tess
        • 'Tess walked leisurely along'
      • Car Darch
        • 'dubbed Queen of Spades, till lately a favourite of d'Urberville's'
      • Nancy
        • 'her sister, nicknamed the Queen of Diamonds'
      • the newly married bride
        • 'who had already tumbled down'
    • Language
      • detailed descriptive language at start
        • 'the staple conversion on the farms around was on the uselessness of saving money'
      • Colloquial dialect used by villagers
        • 'Ah, th'st think th' beest everybody'
    • Themes
      • Tess' lonliness
        • 'her comrades reached town long before her'
      • Alec's possessiveness
        • 'What-my Beauty? You here so late?'
      • dancing
        • 'the perspirations and warmth of the dancers'
    • Structure
      • Chapter begins with a description of the village customs and Tess going into the village at night for a fair
      • Another scene with Tess and Alec
      • Introduction to villagers, who know Alec
      • omniscient narrator
      • 'Out of the frying-pan and into the fire' sets up for the turning point of the novel


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