Channel 4 and GBBO summary

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  • Channel 4 and GBBO summary
    • C4 - Commercially funded UK public service broadcaster, publicly owned
      • Freeview
      • Mass Audience
  • E4 is sister company, pushes boundaries of what we see and expect.
  • No in house production, which means referring to conducting an operation within a company rather than relying on outsourcing.
  • Launched in Nov 1982
  • Statutory Public Service Remit - Channel 4's most popular show only fits 2 criteria: reflects cultural diversity of UK, nurture new and existing talent
  • GBBO - production company = LOVE productions, thought provoking and controversial set up in Oct 2004
  • GBBO is one of their biggest scale deals ever dealt with.
  • Lighthearted elements, simply British, twea, traditional
  • BBC to C4 - only 6.5 million on C4, 10 million average viewers on BBC
  • Ads cost between £150,000 to £250,000.
  • Meltwater shows mentions of Bake Off during show were to 299% compared with first episode of last years series.
  • Mentioned 179,538 times most being 45% positive and 36% negative.
    • Compared with last year, 46,079 mentions, 44% pos and 29% neg.


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