Changing populations

mind map on population

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  • Changing Populations
    • Birth Rates
      • LEDCs
        • Girls marry early
        • High infant mortality
        • Some religions do not approve
      • MEDCs
        • People marry later
        • Women are educated
        • Can be expensive
    • Death Rates
      • Low in MEDCs
        • Better health care
        • People are better educated about health
        • there is more sanitary disposal
        • Water supplies are more reliable
        • Agricultal improvments
    • Population structure
      • Population is divided into 5 year age groups
      • Males are shown on the left
        • Young dependents, working population, old dependents
          • Females are shown on the right :)
      • Females are shown on the right :)


Katie Costello


Katie Costello


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