Changing Family Patters

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  • Changing Family Patterns
    • Decline in marriage
      • 1972 highest no. of marriage 2007 smallest no. sinse records began.
      • marriage- later in life or never at all, or ending marriage in divorce and nor remarrying.
    • Cohabitation
      • Permanents or long term relationships- not much different to married no ceremony
        • More than 1/2 of all couples couples cohabit b4 marriage, not rejection, change of marriage practice.
      • short term relationships no commitment
      • 'trial marriages'; living together before marriage
    • Births outside of marriage
      • Children from unmarried mothers were dissaproved by society and committed to mental asylums- last century
      • More than a third of all births outside marriage (1995) - much of this related to cohabitation
    • Features of divorce today
      • Marry young more likely to divorce
      • middle class less likely to divorce than working class (reverse from past divorce = expensive)
      • Religious couples less likely to divorce- Catholics still forbid divorce
    • Reasons for divorce rise
      • legal changes reflecting and encouraging changes in moral attitudes
      • Decline in religion in society- secularisation, marriage not as serious
      • Divorce no longer social shame and disproval, religious society in past judging


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